Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage systems enable domestic consumers (you) to take advantage of all the features of a regular solar PV system; but with the added advantage of increasing the amount of solar power your home can use saving homeowners even more money.

Normally any unused power generated by the household's solar panels is sold back to the grid and its power suppliers for less than one third of the amount it costs to buy that same electricity.

Battery storage enables any unused or excess power generated by your solar system to be stored for usage at peak times when electricity prices are highest.

The majority of electricity retailers purchase excess power produced from home solar systems for around 6 cents per kilowatt. However during peak usage periods, these same retailers will charge you 30 cents per kilowatt for the power you use. Put simply you 'sell' for 60c per 10 kilowatt, you buy 10 kilowatts (off the grid) at $3.00. This means purchasing electricity off the power grid is costing you 5 times what it costs to produce via your solar system.

Benefits of Storing Solar Energy

Storing the excess power generated by your solar system allows for using that power during the evening after the sun has set, power normally purchased from an electricity retailer off the grid.

Purchasing power at this time, considered the 'peak period' between 4pm and 8pm is expensive. This is even more so in winter when the sun sets early. Solar power and battery storage puts an end to this expensive purchase - forever.

Storing power during 'off peak' periods when prices are lowest, enables that same power to be used in peak periods when power can be minimum twice the price.

Users can still enjoy solar power during the day yet are in a position to customise their usage and storage providing greater control in reducing electricity costs or ultimately eliminating electricity bills altogether.

Emergency Power Supply units (UPS) are also optional and ensure that your home or business functions as normal even during power outages.

Emergency Power Supply

Emergency Power Supply provides a short term solution to blackouts and brownouts that interfere with everyday activities requiring electricity - cooking, heating, entertainment and data transfer.

The electricity is generated by solar PV panels. Any unused/excess power is stored by the battery system to be used at a later stage or whilst experiencing an unexpected power outage.

Emergency Power Supply facilitates using stored electricity during power outages by switching over to battery usage that can be completely customised to suit your needs.

An EPS set up allows consumers to customise settings to suit their needs, ensuring only necessary electrical items are powered during blackouts (ie. refrigeration, security lights, hot water systems and important medical devices remaining powered). Other items like televisions, toasters and washing machines can be selected to not receive power - a choice you the consumer can make as you please.

Our Solar Storage Solutions

The SolaX Box provides the following:

  • An integrated energy management system
  • Colour touch screen display
  • Built in Wifi monitoring
  • Flexible to personal configuration
  • High performance Lithium batteries
  • Built in superior junction box
  • German designed and engineered
  • Plug and play installation

The SolaX Box is a home battery system that turns a consumers household solar power system into an all day 24/7 resource.

The Solar Battery allows households to store energy from their solar panels when the sun is shining or from the grid when electricity charge rates are low. This enables night time usage or usage at some later stage.

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